MySQL Database Consulting

Oracle MySQL is in use by many organisations around the world including Facebook, NASA,, PayPal, LinkedIn and many others as a low-cost, high performance, scalable database platform providing enhanced features such as replication and partitioning out of the box.

Since 2004, I have been designing, maintaining and tuning MySQL database systems ranging from large 20Tb analysis solutions, to high performance systems with 30k transactions per second. I am able to help you diagnose performance issues and suggest tuning options such as;

  • Additional indexes
  • Application query redesign
  • Partitioning and sharding
  • Data type optimisation
  • Server optimisations

I am also able to provide on-going support and assistance as your systems grow, advising on server and database configuration options, and planning for future expected growth. 

My UK based MySQL Consulting Service is not limited to the Oracle MySQL database platform, but also extends to Percona Server, MariaDB and AWS RDS MySQL/Aurora, all of which are compatible with Oracle MySQL, but each have their own functionality and performance enhancements.

Emergency remote support assistance is also available should that be required in your time of need!