AWS Platform Migration

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a platform offering a wide range of services from data storage (S3) to content delivery (CloudFront) and databases (RDS). The services offered are powerful and flexible, allowing you to increase the capacity that you use at the times that you need to handle anticipated demand from a forthcoming marketing push.

Working with the AWS platform since early 2015 has given me a great understanding of the many varied services that are on offer, and an in-depth knowledge of a number of them, ranging from security groups, identity and access management, through to CloudFront and relational database provision such as MySQL on RDS, and Aurora.

Combining the services provided by AWS with automation tools such as Terraform and Ansible allow complete infrastructure provision for products such as a database backed, subscription based web product to be created through Infrastructure as Code techniques, and then continuously monitored and repaired should anything go wrong with any of the individual components.