needed specialist database assistance with their large MySQL database backend, comprising over 20 individual database servers and 3Tb of data. Working with an excellent homegrown team, we are in the process of upgrading, enhancing and performance tuning this platform.

An additional part of the project involves a complete data centre migration, both to another physical location and into the AWS cloud offering.


ParkNow embarked on a stream of work to migrate their existing data centre provision into the AWS cloud. Using HashiCorp Terraform to automate the creation of the infrastructure within AWS, including the use of RDS Aurora for database provision, EC2, ECS and Lambda for compute, and SQS, SNS and S3 to glue the components together.

Travis Perkins needed a specialist database administrator to work on performance tuning and stabilising the high availability of a large Hybris / MySQL estate of over 100 instances in a virtualised environment. Following on from this, I worked with a skilled DevOps team to migrate the website development pipeline and production environment onto a fully automated infrastructure in AWS, focusing on using RDS to provide the MySQL backend and creating a selection of housekeeping Linux scripts.


Yodel were having performance issues with their MySQL backed Ruby website, and I was brought in to help tune and maintain that environment. Moving on from that project, I worked closely with both an internal team and a third party provider to replace the core billing function with an MS SQL backed product. Another project involved dissecting and updating an internal system using MS Excel and MS Access, in order to enhance performance and reliability.

Delancey Developments

Delancey Developments needed an updated website as part of a revamp of their web offerings, and I was happy to work with them to create their new site in SquareSpace.

I worked with Riplife Gaming Technologies for a short period to help them tune their MySQL backend database, and provide suggestions on how to handle their predicted huge data growth.